When choosing among available technologies we always keep our customers’ different potential needs and priorities in mind.

Sensors for every need

We offer a wide range of sensors which properties will support from basic to very advanced needs.

Our product portfolio relies on a blend of active and passive infrared as well as on camera-based technologies.

We are able to satisfy the many needs of our customers and can, for example, discriminate shopping carts, count intense multidirectional traffic from various heights, in difficult conditions, and with a high grade of accuracy.

We are also active on the R&D side and we constantly work at the optimization of our solutions, using innovative technologies, in order to keep meeting the demand.

Discreet designs

Our equipment is designed to have a minimal physical impact on your locations. Sensors are generally mounted above entrances in a discreet way. Some locations as for example flagship stores have specific needs for seemless installations respecting their design. Dancount can fully accomodate these needs and propose built-in versions of its sensors.

The dome version of our camera solution looks like a video surveillance camera and offers a usefull deterrent effect.

Optimal connectivity

Our solutions exist in both ethernet and GPRS versions which ensure secure connections.

Product information and specifications are available from our Down- & Uploads section.

Local production and assembly

We find essential to have a close relationship with our partners and choose, as often as we can to use local partners. This is particularly true for the development and assembly of our home grown electronic equipments, involving state of the art assembly lines and heavy duty machinery. This way we are able to secure high quality levels, flexibility and efficient delivery, all at the same time.