Hosted services

CountWEB is available both as an externally hosted solution (on one of Dancount server) or, if preferred by the customer, as a locally installed virtual server on the customer’s premises.

Our offering represents so much more than quality hardware. Accuracy in counting is nothing without the ability to present data in an intelligible way. We have, along the years, developed a comprehensive and refined web-based software solution: CountWEB

CountWEB is available as an externally hosted solution (on one of Dancount's servers).

Business Intelligence available 24/7/365

Our CountWEB reporting module is constantly updated giving users a near to live experience. Data is centralized and secured ensuring the availability of valuable information at anytime. Users have online access to a range of comprehensive reports and charts which they easily can customize to best fit their personal information needs.

Periodic updates

Our system conveniently offers the possibility of periodic email updates on a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly basis.

A most flexible and secure solution

User permissions are easy to administrate in a very flexible way. Access to information and ability to alter settings can be endlessly segmented to specific profiles. A user can for example be granted access to information related to a given region, half of a geographical zone, a number of distinct locations, a set of sales channel, and more. This same user can likewise be granted targeted administrator privileges.

Product information and specifications are available from our Down- & Uploads section.