- Network is often unstable at some of our locations. Is it an issue?

 Many of our customers experience this type of problems due to the international nature of their activity and to local network failure. This is of major importance when screening the different solutions available on the market. Dancount's solutions remain unaffected by network instability.

Our customers' hardware units are set to communicate periodically with Dancount's server and store counting results until data is delivered successfully. This means that failure in network will only postpone the data delivery and not affect the end result. If our hardware cannot connect with our server, it will regularly attempt to connect until the data is safely delivered. Furthermore an alert is visible to the users and administrators when logging on their hosted site.

Most of our technologies are able to withstand long term failure and can continue storing data in weeks or even month before they eventually would start loosing some of the stored data. It gives our customers the possibility to fix their local problems without any data loss.