Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you can't find the answer to your question here.

 The answer is yes. All our solutions, reporting and administration tools must be as userfriendly as possible. It is an absolute top priority for us and an omnipresent theme in the further development of our products.

The use of our solutions is always fast and easy, no matter where you are or what time it is. Users have a permanent access to updated relevant information in the right format.

Many of our customers still request the outside intervention of their electrician or of one of Dancount's registered partners. However, most of our solutions are very easy to install and do not require any advanced technical skills. Following our written instructions, almost anyone can install a Dancount solution.


Counting your visitors in an accurate way enables you to:

•    Benchmark and assess the performance of your shop(s) in terms of conversion, gain visibility and control on  your business (Conversion rate = Percentage of visitors who take a desired action)
•     Identify patterns in public affluence
•    Segment traffic data
•    Facilitate the planning of resources
•    Optimize productivity
•     Enhance your ability attend customers and subsequently increase their satisfaction
•    Increase revenue
•    Refine accuracy in budgeting tasks
•    Establish new KPIs for your teams
•    Keep track of performance within your marketing department
•    Better evaluate the effects of marketing campaigns
•    Highlight symptoms of failure at an early stage and take action
•    Assess street traffic in front of your shops
•    Determine the appeal and potential of your locations and elaborate space management strategy
•    Motivate suppliers and partners through accurate and tangible data
•    Refine your sales models, feed your knowledge workers, boost intelligence and fire accuracy.

If you find this question relevant. It means that you have a genuine interest for our technologies; either as a customer or as a competitor. Either way, it is a comforting sign.

Thanks to the pluralty in Dancount's available technologies, we are able to take different approaches and match the expressed needs of our customers at competitive conditions. Our statement is that the costs involved in deploying an efficient people counting solution across an organisation needn't be exorbitant. Furthermore, you will most definetly experience that the implementation of Dancount's solutions will result in substantial savings for your company.

We invite potential customers to contact us in order to find out what best covers your needs and at what price.

Dancount's customers are often large groups with very specific needs related to information access. We have, as a consequence, accomodated those needs in our CountWeb reporting software. 

Data-miners are able to easily and instantaneously extract any data through a restricted Export area in our system. They can choose from flexible examples of templates.

Furthermore, all registered users have the possibility to generate, from our regular reporting module, a one-click export of the currently viewed results towards an Excel spreadsheet or create a pdf document.


Many of our customers are large groups with specific counting needs. Those needs have, along the years, paved the way of our product development. We are used to addressing them in an efficient way and we display a good portion of flexibility when required by the customer.

In the event of our solution not covering your specific needs, don't let it become a show-stopper. Let us together see what can be done to satisfy your requirements.

Our reporting software, CountWeb is at the center of our offering. We have conceived it as a flexible solution enabling a high degree of customising from the part of the user. As a user you can either make use of some of our predifined report templates or easily create your own, based on parameters of your choice.

Reports are clear and present results in digits as well as in comprehensive charts. Depending on their right users can browse historical data, benchmark with other locations, compare traffic levels in time, identify peaks, segment and cross-segment information by year, month, week, weekdays, hour, geographic zone, group, channel, ...

Users do not need to proactivly seek information. Personalized reports can be set to be generated periodically and sent by email. Most users choose to receive a daily report and, this way, keep track of opportunity and performance.


User registration is normally performed by a designed administrator. It is a painless and fast procedure. In case of doubt, the administrator is welcome to contact us for guidance or help.

As many as you like! Dancount does not impose any limitation as to the number of users. One more valid reason for prefering Dancount.

An administrator should be the right person for this job. It is quite simple but Dancount is there to assist you if you have any doubts.

Our solutions are flexible in many ways and support multiple permissions levels. Your administrator can pretty much define as many permission levels as your organization needs. Based on personal user-login, it is easy and safe.

Security is a central topic for many of our customers and, at Dancount, we are consequently extremely cautious when further developing our solutions. We can proudly say that, in more than 10 years of existence, no security issues, have been observed. If you have specific questions on the subject, please contact us.

Very well. Most of our customers are international groups with locations all around the globe. Our solution being hosted, with an incremental near-to-live information feed, it also means that distance isn't an issue in our ability to operate internationaly.

The administration of our solution does not require any time consuming tasks and maintenance is only needed when changes are decided. Our system is pretty much self-sufficiant.

There is no definite answer to this question. It depends on the scale of the project as well as on the technologies chosen by the customer.

At Dancount we have a good reputation of reactivity and we always hold a stock of hardware to meet peaks in demand. Our suppliers and partners are also required to meet certain standards as to their production capacity and as to their ability to respect agreed ETAs'.

With solutions in more than 60 countries, we are used to work at an international level.

Software installation and initial setup require very little time, especially if customer opts for Dancount to be the host.

For all these reasons we are able to propose an efficient implementation process and are ready to satisfy your needs.

 Many of our customers experience this type of problems due to the international nature of their activity and to local network failure. This is of major importance when screening the different solutions available on the market. Dancount's solutions remain unaffected by network instability.

Our customers' hardware units are set to communicate periodically with Dancount's server and store counting results until data is delivered successfully. This means that failure in network will only postpone the data delivery and not affect the end result. If our hardware cannot connect with our server, it will regularly attempt to connect until the data is safely delivered. Furthermore an alert is visible to the users and administrators when logging on their hosted site.

Most of our technologies are able to withstand long term failure and can continue storing data in weeks or even month before they eventually would start loosing some of the stored data. It gives our customers the possibility to fix their local problems without any data loss.

 Depending on the nature of the problem, you might have to contact our local partners often undertaking the first line of support. If you aren't sure who you should get hold of, do not hesitate in contacting us. We will guide you through and make sure technical issues are being attended promptly.