Counting people

Advanced business intelligence is no longer optional to today’s economic actors. In a situation of global economic crisis, companies of all sizes experience a growing need of enhancing their knowledge levels and to better control corporate variables in order to facilitate decision making, to withhold their market shares and, ultimately, to survive. Performance assessments have historically been based on turnover, which, by today’s standards would be insufficient and lack a vital parameter: opportunity.

Counting people provides the necessary perspective to measure opportunity and performance in a refined and accurate way. Regardless of the size of any given business, measuring footfall is essential. With the possible exception of some single shops, where customer affluence could be left to the appreciation of the local management/personel, counting people needs to be systemized in a permanent way.

There are many reasons why one should consider acquiring reliable counting solutions

Our advice to you, if you are looking for a viable solution, is to: 

• Define your standards as to the accuracy of the counting results, have a precise idea of the parameters you expect counting to be based on and of how you want to exploit the harvested data.
• Prioritize these standards
• Choose a supplier capable of supporting you on a long term basis
• Disregard “hit and run” offers from hardware resellers
• Choose a specialist with in-house technical expertise, committed to service, to efficient deployment, and to user-friendliness.
• Don’t choose a counting device. Prefer a counting solution with quality hardware, reliable software and flexible reporting tools.
• Keep your data-miners’ interest in mind. Go for easy data extraction and for the possibility to import segmented information.
• Choose a supplier with a broad technological span able to cover your specific needs in a qualitative but cost efficient way.
• Focus on experience and choose a supplier with a proven track of record in your field of activity.

Counting your visitors in an accurate way enables you to:

• Benchmark and assess the performance of your shop(s) in terms of conversion, gain visibility and control on your business (Conversion rate = Percentage of visitors who take a desired action)
• Identify patterns in public affluence
• Segment traffic data
• Facilitate the planning of resources
• Optimize productivity
• Enhance your ability to attend customers, and subsequently increase their satisfaction
• Refine accuracy in budgeting tasks
• Establish new KPIs for your teams
• Keep track of performance within your marketing department
• Better evaluate the effects of marketing campaigns
• Highlight symptoms of failure at an early stage and take action
• Determine the appeal and potential of your locations and elaborate space management strategy
• Motivate suppliers and partners through accurate and tangible data
• Refine your sales models, feed your knowledge workers, boost intelligence and fire accuracy
• Increase revenue and profits