Our customers comment Dancount's solutions





“A good solution for retail chains and independant stores”

At Eplehuset, Scandianavias largest Apple reseller, we have had
a good relationship with Dancount since the opening of our very
first Danish store in 2008. Eplehuset counts today 4 stores in
Denmark and 11 in Norway.

We have chosen Dancount because of their prices, their products’
functionalities, and because of their service. I had already used
Dancount in my former job at ECCO Shoes A/S, where Dancount’s
people counting solutions were implemented in all of our stores.

In my relationship with Dancount I have been stunned by their
ability to provide personalized service. We get contacted if a
counter is turned off which impresses me, especially knowing that
Dancount is a worldwide supplier.

The installation of a Dancount unit is fast and easy and mounting
instructions are clear to fitting technicians. Finally, I would like to
highlight Dancount’s online solution, where I quickly and easily can
get an overview on our stores’ visitors. Our store managers actively
use the figures when planning staff and it is a good management
tool enabling us to determine the number of visitors we manage to
convert into actual customers – an important figure for me and my
management team.

                                                                                    Jes Duus - CEO - Eplehuset A/S