The retail industry represents the majority of our customers. We put much effort in answering the potential needs generally expressed by medium-sized and large international retail groups in the most efficient and relevant way.

Our experience within people counting and especially within the retail segment allows us to optimally address the many needs encountered by our potential customers. It gives us an edge we proudly capitalize on.

The retail industry is in perpetual evolution and mutates at an ever growing rate. Technology suppliers need to support this evolution in full and have to update or re-invent their product portfolios accordingly. Dancount offers just that by not only providing state-of-the-Art solutions today, but also by keeping both ears to the ground in order to optimize the features of our products.

How is your business doing today? This is one very good question our solutions help you answer 24/7/365. We help you track performance and highlight operational excellence. With our comprehensive and flexible reporting tools, you also stand a better chance of spotting the symptoms of failure at an early stage. By painlessly and systematically feeding data into a number of possible report templates you will be able to both increase your scope and remain focused on what is important. Dancount quantifies your opportunity and delivers vital factual information to management, data-miners or any other relevant user-group.

Dancount has opted for specialization. People counting is what we do.

See what benefits your organization might gain from our solutions.