Thanks to our strategic choice of addressing the specific needs of the retail segment, we have also been able to qualify for counting people within malls. In Dancount’s history and success, malls have had their share. Our company counts many of the largest malls in Scandinavia. We are among the market leaders on that segment in both Danmark and Sweden. See our reference list.

The technologies we employ represent a very good match to the specific needs encountered in malls: 

•    Ability to count intense multi-directional traffic and crowds.

•    Ability to accurately count traffic from up to 13 meters hight.

•    Ability to count both indoors and outdoors (water-resistant housing).

•    Chock resistant housing available.

•    Efficient discrimination of shopping carts, baby strollers and other carrying equipment.

•    Flexibility as to the type of entrance and adaptability with flexible counting line or multiple lines

•    Special reporting tool conceived for malls


Using our technology, malls can easily generate precious statistics and an optional mapping of counting results exists. Those statistics are useful when assessing the performance of the mall in its integrality. It also allows you to visualize affluence in the different zones where sensors are installed and locate the hot spots as well as the zones to be optimized. This data qualifies your space

management and gives you a better opportunity to justify decisions related to prices, rents, and investments.
Dancount’s solutions help you generate more value for the shops present in your mall and give you an unrivalled opportunity to measure the return on promotional activities, marketing campaigns, etc.