Our values

As a Dancount customer you can rest assure that we have your best interest at heart. Our business views rely on generating value for our customers and we commit to high quality standards when responding to their expectations.

Optimal customer experience is Dancount’s corporate goal. Word of mouth has generated many of our existing customers and it is our clear intention to keep accommodating this kind of growth in the future. As we are in the business of selling solutions, a reactive and efficient service is a prerequisite and, no matter how many customers we have, it is important for us to always be able to satisfy them fully.

We are, as individuals and as a company, deeply focused on the subject of service quality. Especially when considering new partnerships with external suppliers or service providers. Our global span of activity demands consistency in that matter and we would rather say no to business than accept a project compromising our standards. We are a demanding but fair partner.

We believe in straightforward communication and refuse to oversell or exaggerate the capabilities of our solutions. Our solutions get shortlisted and we qualify for projects on the sole basis of factual properties inherent to our hardware and software solutions, and thanks to our professional insight/technical expertise.
In the same spirit, we refuse to refer to eventual competitors in a negative way when addressing customers. Our approach will always be positive and focused on the actual fulfillment of our customers’ needs.

As individuals and as a company, we are open and do not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity, nationality, age, social group, or any other factor of this kind. Our involvement and the level of our service will therefore not be affected by any of those factors.