Dancount was founded in 1999 by Ole Josefsen, an expert in electronics with a wide technical background and experience. 

Ole Josefsen chose to pursue a personal dream by creating his own hardware company and runned it successfully.
A close relation asked him, one day, to come with an idea of how HT Busser, one of Denmark’s leading national public transportation companies, could optimize the counting of passengers boarding busses in the greater Copenhagen area.

A seed was planted and Ole Josefsen took the assignment, soon proposing innovative concepts, one of which was retained. Ole was asked to develop, produce and install the solution he conceived. It resulted in a full-blown success and in an accurate counting technology.

This experience was an eye-opener and Dancount was subsequently established in order to address a considerable need for this kind of solutions on the Danish market.

The main focus has, since, remained to propose a panel of solutions capable of coping with most physical and operational constraints. In order to do so, Ole Josefsen invested considerable time and effort in research & development, leading to one of the market’s sharpest offerings.